The best of MUSAT Systems software

Protranssoft is a software product, especially developed for monitoring and management of means of transport. The wide range of possibilities the product offers is a result of long standing cooperation with big transport business enterprises. Being developed on the basis of modules, Protranssoft is being continually completed with new possibilities.
In addition to the smooth functioning of the software, users can benefit from a wide range of functions offered by MUSAT GPS systems.


A look at the Dispatcher Screen

The ASKUP systems developed by MUSAT on the basis of GPS positioning furnish plenty of information in real time and possibilities for the subsequent monitoring by the executive staff, dispatchers and managers. This information offers the advantages of being objective, precise, analytical and all-embracing.



Fields of application

MUSAT GPS systems are used with much success in the fields of transport and public services.
The most effective monitoring and management is implemented in transport of passengers, goods and freights, as well as in clean-up and security services.
We have developed a wide range of products for various industries.
Protranssoft - AUTO
Protranssoft- TM
Protranssoft- TB
Protranssoft- Taxi
Protranssoft- Clean-up services
Protranssoft- Security
Protranssoft- Emergency medical aid
Protranssoft- Firefighting
Protranssoft- Special vehicles
Protranssoft systems are developed by MUSAT with own technical means and radio broadcasting system, in co-operation with GPS Bulgaria and M- Tel network for transfer of information beyond the cities and the countrys borders.



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