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MUSAT stands for:

The company MUSAT - Micro-processing devices and systems for transport was established in 1987. For two decades the company has been specializing in developing, production and implementation of high- technology systems for management and control of transport business enterprises.

Over the years MUSAT has implemented a series of management and monitoring systems for public transport, such as the ACU-AKRU Automated Management and Monitoring System for Bus Transport in Sofia, Varna and Vratsa.
During the period 2001-2005 the company developed and launched in Sofia the ASKUP system, a modern high-technology system for management and control of the public transport, based on GPS positioning. It is the only one of the kind in the country and also unique for its features and scale.

Highly-qualified professionals in the field of information technologies work for MUSAT. The company has its own units for production and for maintenance of the implemented systems for the duration of and beyond the warranty period.

The modern high-technology system ASKUP has been credited with ‘2005 IT Project’ in the category ’Corporative organization’ in the ratings of the prominent weekly COMPUTERWORLD.

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